• Save Money

    Tired of paying so much for your energy bills? We are right there with you, you can see a dramatic monthly reduction in your heating and cooling costs with one simple product and one quick phone call. Call us today at 242.727.0318 and lets start working together to save you money!

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  • Save Energy

    Going green and saving energy is not just a trend, it has become a new way of life. With a product like spray foam you will save money, save your health, and save the environment too! No other product can give all that spray foam can provide, start enjoying the life-long benefits today!

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  • Save Your Health

    One of the most amazing things about spray foam, in addition to it being the best type of insulation available, is that it can actually help you live better. The unique air sealing ability of spray foam can provide a cleaner and healthier living environment inside your own home.

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  • A New Way of Life

    Our spray foam products represent far more than simply saving money or energy, the are a new way of living that addresses on of the biggest challenges of our times: reducing our carbon footprint.  We are striving to provide you money-saving solutions that provide 21st century comfort along with helping to save our planet.  Choosing spray foam from Pro Spray Foam is a step in the right direction of reducing carbon footprint.

  • Heating and Cooling accounts for 50% – 60% of the energy used in the average American home.

    US Department of Energy
  • How does spray foam work? How does it save for you?

    Our spray foam is spray-applied on the job site. As it’s sprayed, it foams up between 50 and 100 times in volume, providing a fully adhered, continuous, solid and airtight insulation layer. Even the tiniest cracks are perfectly sealed. Since it’s sprayed, it fits all shapes, corners and cavities perfectly. The results:

    • insulation and excellent air seal in a single application
    • seven times better air seal than traditional insulation
    • elimination of unplanned moisture movement and condensation
    • energy savings of about 50% compared with conventional insulation
  • Today, it is estimated that in residential and small
    commercial buildings, over 50% of the energy loss is
    associated with heat transfer and air leakage through
    building envelope components

    Oak Ridge National Labs
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